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Doctor Tim Schroeder is a chiropractor who is committed to getting you out of pain fast in the most cost effective way possible.  He is also very willing to help you achieve wellness in your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Tim, at Tahoe City Chiropractic, has developed a unique alternative medicine approach combining the teachings of chiropractic, martial arts and wellness seminars into a singular and effective approach towards reaching and maintaining the delicate balance of health and continued healthcare.

"Chiropractic is a method of health care based on the premise of intelligence expressing itself through matter. We must hold the philosophy that health is something inside all of us and if health is not there it is because we have lost the delicate balance of appropriate, natural reaction to our external environment."

Dr. Tim


Dr. Tim Schroeder, Chiropractor, is an active person involved in a variety of professional and personal activities. He feels that living a balanced life enables you to reach your greatest potential in both professional and personal development. Dr. Schroeder enjoys a successful chiropractic office in North Lake Tahoe as well as practicing as an executive performance coach. He is a featured speaker at seminars across North America on the subjects of chiropractic philosophy, leadership and life balance. In addition he maintains a passion as a fifth degree Black Belt, Master Instructor in the art of Tang Soo Do karate and continues to teach at a local as well as international level. Dr. Schroeder resides in Tahoe City, California with his wife, Sha.

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Doctor Tim Schroeder - Tahoe City Chiropratic and Tahoe City Tang Soo Do
Dr. Tim Schroeder, Chiropractor
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