Braden Schroeder shows that if you are going to hit a wall, hit it with style

Braden Schroeder shows that if you are going to hit a wall, hit it with style

It’s no secret that a select sector of society pays attention to the development of their health potential. Because you are reading this, I would assume that you are a part of that sector. Let’s spend a few minutes together examining one of the easiest ways to greatly improve your well being and health potential. What I will describe for you can be one of the most powerful ways to positively affect your ability to live a healthy, abundant life. It’s easy, but as you will see, in practical application it can be challenging.

The pursuit of health is no different than the pursuit of anything else. First you must realize that you are an individual and you are responsible for yourself. The responsibility for your health lies directly in your control. I cannot take responsibility for your health. It is up to you to be healthy. The outdated model of the doctor telling the patient what to do has gone the way of history. Modern relationships between the health care provider and patient involve an exchange of information.

This information exchange should be directed toward a beneficial gain on your behalf. This allows you to more clearly visualize your health challenges. You are striving for full function and optimum human performance. We all have challenges on the way to our goal of full function. When I help you identify any changeable impediments to your full function you can better visualize a solution. The benefit of information is that, with it, you can now clearly visualize your health challenges and full potential.

The most important part of having optimum function is for you to cleanly, clearly visualize the most awesome picture of your health. You need to see yourself going about your life with energy, happiness, strength and abundance. You need to see yourself feeling great and looking great. You need to visualize everything involved with good health and full function. When you clearly visualize this state of health, you send a message out to the creative forces that shape your life. Everything that you currently have was first a thought. The key to health is to first see yourself healthy.

Once you visualize your optimum self you must attach good emotional feelings with the vision. A clear vision with negative emotion will not realize the desired outcome. Negative emotion is a block in the quest for health. Nothing clouds a vision more than negative emotional attachment. You cannot ask for something positive and be negative about it.

The classic example of this phenomenon is the cessation of addictive behavior. A person may wish to discontinue a health destructive habit. They can clearly visualize the feelings of non-addiction. It feels great to be free of the nasty, destructive habit. When it comes time to act upon the vision, the action never occurs. The reason for this is that they hold negative emotion about stopping the habit. The pleasure of being healthy and non-addicted does not outweigh the pain of quitting. It is exactly the same when it comes to your food choices, your exercise patterns and your relationships. The vision of health has no chance of realization with negative emotional attachment.

In order to succeed in your vision of health you must find a way to feel better about being at ease than being dis-eased. It is up to you to find a way to allow a positive relationship with health. Only you know how to feel good about yourself.

My responsibility is to give you the correct information and the prime course of action. The action is your responsibility. Once you have a clear, well-established vision of health with good emotional attachment, you can take the action necessary to make it real.

Vision without action is like foreplay without consummation. Your actions allow the recognition of your health potential. In other words, you cannot have what you want unless you work for it. I can help you with the actions you need to take to regain or maintain your health. You cannot be expected to know everything you need to do to achieve full function. We can work together to set up an action plan for your health. Everybody has a different way of carrying out tasks. When you can identify your motivation for good health, you can, with integrity carry out the tasks necessary for well being.

Taking action is often the limiting factor in the mission for good health. Here are just a few suggestions that will help you to take care of yourself. Exercise properly with appropriate rest intervals. Eat foods that support your body and give you energy. Get your spine checked and adjusted regularly. There is no way to have full function if your nerves are not carrying the appropriate mental impulse to the appropriate place.

Have the thought of health. Feel good about it. Take the actions necessary to make it real. I am always happy to help with any part of this process. In the end though, it is up to you. As always I would be happy to answer any questions you have about your objective for optimum human performance. Leave a reply or comment here or contact me confidentially by email  or call 530-583-7477.  Don’t let health become important when you lose it, let it take priority now and appreciate yourself by allowing full function in all parts of your life.

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  1. I’m a senior (75) in a medicare fitness program. Our exercises make most of us sore and I figure we are tearing muscle fibers. What food and supplements can we take to accelerate the healing and repair?

    • Hi Ron. Some of the foods and supplements that you take have to do with your general state of health so you should check with a health care professional that you have a personal relationship with. In general, soreness is a good sign while pain indicates that something is wrong. There is a lot of good research that indicates that scutellaria along with acacia,Stiffness/?a=s have a very good result for soreness due to inflammation and overuse. Also take a look at curcumin, tumeric and omega 3 essential fatty acids. We use a supplement in our practice that contains many of these natural herbs so if you are interested in getting some of please be sure to contact us at

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