Energy is all around you, inside and out.

Energy is all around you, inside and out.

Paradigms are said to be the common views of a group of people. In short, they are the values, opinions, theories, generalizations and laws that a group of people share.  A paradigm is not the way that you think about the world.  It is the way that the culture that you live in thinks about the world.  This in turn shapes your own reality.  I realize that we are all individuals with the potential for creative thought and individual expression, but the way we see our own world is often affected by our society and paradigms are slow to change.  Paradigms can and do change over time and they usually change after significant emotional events.  Because paradigms represent and create reality on an individual and social level, a paradigm change really means that “reality” has changed.

So many people are confused when health is explained outside of their paradigm.  A paradigm reflects your ideas, values and actions in order to create some continuity in your world. So is it any wonder that when someone uses a term like “the energy inside of you” that some people are confused?  Concepts like the energy of life are not always taught in our society because many of us have been raised in a mechanistic society that places value on the notion that physical things affect physical things.

It comes from the study of Newtonian physics. You know, when an apple fell onto Newton’s head he theorized that a physical force affected him. Of course physical events can shape our life but more importantly we need to recognize that energy can also affect us. When Einstein told us that matter and energy are interrelated the world changed. Why is it that the world of healthcare has been so slow to adopt this theory?

You already know that energy affects your health. When someone genuinely says “I love you” you have an immediate physical change. That is only an exchange of energy from one person to another. When you are embarrassed, you have a physical change. Your face flushes and your heart rate increases. There was nothing physical that caused that change, only an exchange of energy. If these simple examples of energy affecting physical function ring true for you, you will realize that energy can have a significant effect on the function of your body in so many ways.

So the real question is: Why is it that we are so slow to realize the health implications of the energy inside of us and the relationship that our energy has with other people and the earth? It’s because your paradigm is comfortable and you have been taught that health comes from a pill, a potion, surgery or some other physical intervention. People really believe that and it is reinforced in our media, educational institutions and government. Please realize that I’m not saying that physical things don’t matter in your health. I am only saying that your own life energy is more important for your ultimate health outcomes.

So how does your paradigm change to allow for this important concept? It changes with your experience, an open mind and the ability to see other “realities.” Believe that you are healthy and make rational decisions about your health habits based on science and right thinking. Here’s a quick video about changing your paradigm . Enjoy and be sure to contact me if you have any questions  As always I appreciate any “replies” on this blog page as it keeps the discussion real and fresh.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tim. I believe, too often, our medical professionals forget how powerful our thoughts from within can be, both positive and negative.

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