3. The Union of Intelligence and Matter


Look over the edge

Look over the edge

There is a lot of time spent in life that has nothing to do with knowledge. The mundane and meaningless activities of daily life can occupy our consciousness to the point of obscuring our natural expression. Of course, daily living on a basic level is part of life and we can’t just abandon it in hopes that society accepts whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. You have to be part of society and play by the rules but that does not prevent us from wondering about our way of life.   On a very basic level we should strive to maximize our health, the health of our environment and the health of our society. This allows us to be free and creative rather than simply plodding along depending on luck and chance to create a life well lived.

The 3rd principle of Chiropractic tells us that without intelligence, matter could not even exist.  Naturally the reverse is true, without matter, intelligence would have no way of expressing itself. Matter is anything that occupies space. That means that your body and the environment that surrounds you are composed of matter.  Matter alone would not exist were it not for an intelligence that gives it rules and regulates the way that it appears to us. This intelligence is universal and it creates the rules with which the world maintains itself in existence. This includes atomic bonds, waves of energy, dynamics of motion, gravity, sunlight and the laws of relativity.  The study of physics tells us that matter always moves even when it does not appear to.   In order to have movement there has to be energy.  Nothing moves without energy and energy must have a source.

Energy can be destructive or constructive depending on how it is applied and the environment in which it works. In fact energy has a tendency to change into a more simple form.  So as you can imagine, in order for energy to be useful in a life form it needs to be under the direction of intelligence. Matter itself must be under the direction of intelligence in order for it to be creative and self sustaining. So when we say that life is necessarily a union of intelligence and matter we are saying that in order to sustain life, intelligence must act upon matter to impose rules that sustain life in a healthy, vibrant way. Universal Intelligence is not the same as being smart. Universal Intelligence is the natural way of the world. It suggests that there are rules that effect our environment and rules that affect our body.

Now you know that you are blessed with the ability to be healthy in a natural way. So how do we lose our health? Are we given everything that we need to be healthy without any input of our own? Definitely not! Your health depends on the recognition of the union of intelligence and matter. When you know that this intelligence directs your body and your environment, the trick becomes to take action to allow its natural expression.  It’s always there and your nervous system is responsible for recognizing the relationship between this intelligence and your body.  Damage to your spine disturbs the ability of the body to allow intelligence to be expressed through the nervous system. So as a chiropractor I work to correct this disturbance therefore allowing the proper union of intelligence and matter. In other words my work helps you to have the best chance at normal, natural health from the source. In addition to that our office helps you with healthy decisions about your internal and external environment. Eating well, decreasing the exposure to toxins and managing physical, chemical or emotional stress are all important ways to allow natural health and well being. It’s really easier to be healthy than to be sick. So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired I humbly suggest a relationship with a high quality, ethical chiropractor.

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6 thoughts on “3. The Union of Intelligence and Matter

  1. Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration Tim. Is this your caring professional way of coaching me to use my mind better when it comes to shoveling snow?? See you tomorrow.



  2. Great article, I enjoy the linkage between intelligence and being in-tune with your bodies energy levels.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very good article. Will look forward to more. Am presently undergoing a very good session of physical therapy to carry me over til seeing you again this summer.


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