No. 4 The Triune of Life


Some people think about life, others don’t.  In either case life goes on.  Chiropractic is the study of life. I always found it interesting that I went to Chiropractic College to learn about life and one of my very first classes was full of cadavers.  “Here’s a dead body. Take it apart and find out what makes it tick,” the professor said.  I replied, “But it’s not ticking.” Oddly enough that set me to thinking. “What is life?” That question has been asked over and over through the centuries. Philosophers have kept themselves busy with this conundrum but for the most part they have looked at the reason for existence rather than the reason for vitality.

In chiropractic we are concerned with the nature of life, the natural expression of a life force. You see when a person is healthy and operating at their full potential they have the best chance to live the life they choose.  Think about someone that you know who has challenges with health.  When health is challenged, things that seem easy get a little bit harder.  We all have challenges and as a chiropractor I am here to help you optimize your challenge. In other words, the things that we have are always better when the body is working at its own highest potential.  That doesn’t mean that our challenges go away, it means that we seek to find optimum function given the situation that we have.

Chiropractic principle No. 4 is The Triune of Life.   It states that “Life is a triunity having three necessary united factors, namely:  Intelligence, Force and Matter.”  In earlier articles we said that there is an intelligence that is responsible for the organization of matter. That means that there is an intelligence that is present in anything that will reliably keep that object  organized physically.  Everything has physical properties but intelligence in matter alone does not equal life.

Intelligence in matter is a good start but something must bring them together in order to have life.  There is intelligence in the matter that makes up  a rock but a rock is not alive.  There is intelligence in matter that comprises a car but a car is not alive.  In order to be alive, intelligence must be joined with matter by what early chiropractic philosophers called “force.”   In the early 1900’s before the development of Quantum physics, energy was often called force.  So when the 33 Principles of Chiropractic were written they referred to energy as force.


Force is the energy of life. It is the difference between the life that we see in a human and the lack of it in a cadaver.  This is the energy that tells us that you are alive. As we will see in upcoming articles these three things, Intelligence, Force and Matter are always 100% at their source.  That means that if life is to be expressed at 100% we need only be sure that there is no interference to the expression of Intelligence, the wholeness of Matter and the purity of Force aka the energy of life.  For now as you reflect upon these concepts simply keep in mind that without organization of matter by intelligence and a force that directs them, life cannot exist.

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One thought on “No. 4 The Triune of Life

  1. Very interesting article. I really like these concepts and the chiropractic concern with the nature of life. I am looking forward to more of your help in seeking optimum function to once again hike to some of those lakes we see in your pictures. Will be back at Tahoe June 15.

    Bruce Summers

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