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Balance Doctor Store - Supplements to Your Optimal Health offered by Dr Tim of Tahoe City Chiropractic

Welcome to the wellness store! Dr. Tim Schroeder is committed to helping you achieve wellness in your mind, body and spirit. Now Tahoe City Chiropractic offers some valuable tools to help guide you toward optimal wellness in all that you do. Through years of hands on experience he has collected a wide variety of nutritional supplements and analgesic applications that will keep your mind and body functioning at it's best. All of the products below may be purchased online for immediate shipment via our secure PayPal site, or if you wish not to purchase online, use our mail-in / fax-in form.

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DVD / Videos

The 33 Principles of Chiropratic
Back in Motion


Nutritional Supplements

Ultimate Multiple Vitamin
Ultimate Joint Repair
Omega III Essential Fatty Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg
Vitamin D, K Caratenoid Iodotyrosine Complex

Analgesic Applications

Golden Tiger Ointment
Golden Tiger Roll On
Po Sum On
White Flower Oil
Spring Wind Herbal Muscle and Joint Rub
Traumeel Homeopathic Ointment
Traumeel Oral Homeopathic Medicine
Zeel Homeopathic Ointment
Zeel Oral Homeopathic Medicine
Biofreeze Spray
Biofreeze Roll On


Wellness Store  DVD / Videos

bullet  DVD - The 33 Principles of Chiropractic

Running time: 57 minutes. This video journey begins in a chiropractic office. The doctor/patient relationship develops the following day with a Socratic hike through the woods. The scenery is viewer friendly and the observer is led gently through The 33 Principles of Chiropractic using metaphors from everyday life to make the point that chiropractic is no luxury but an integral part of being 100% alive!

 bullet  Price: ($195.00 + S&H) Internet Special: $99.00 + S&H

bullet  DVD - Back in Motion

Running time: 59.15 minutes. Optimum function of your spine and nervous system is essential to health. This video, filmed on the shores of Lake Tahoe, allows you to participate in a home based spinal stretching and strengthening program. This classic exercise video includes four sections, each one about 15 minutes long. The program has many satisfied participants across North America.

 bullet  Price: $19.95

Wellness Store Nutritional Supplements

bullet  Ultimate Multiple Vitamin

The next generation in supplement support. This preparation provides anti-oxidant protection and superior nutrients to support digestive integrity, liver health, structural strength, energy production and neurotransmitter balance. This formulation contains a combination of newly discovered nutrients that will bring you the best in advanced nutrition suitable for vegetarians and hypoallergenics. Average use yields a one month supply.

 bullet  Price: $27.99

bullet  Ultimate Joint Repair

Take orally by capsule for a synergistic combination of nutrients which supply cartilage, joint, connective tissue and tendons with necessary building blocks for repair. This is the best product around that I have found to supply all of the things you need for your joints. Includes Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin Sulfate, MSM, Essential Fatty Acids, Bromelain and Manganese. Feed your joints, they have served you well. Average use yields a one month supply.

 bullet  Price: $29.99

bullet  Omega III Essential Fatty Acid

Deodorized Omega 3 with natural lemon flavor. Omega III is essential for reduction of inflammation in the blood vessels, heart, joints and connective tissue. Your body also needs it for proper function of nerves and brain tissue. This is a high quality, pure product that will help you in your quest for good health. Typical use yields a 1 month supply.

 bullet  Price: $19.99

bullet  Nanogreens

Nanogreens is a scientifically balanced and complete natural food supplement. Each dose contains the phytonutrient and anti-oxididant power of 10 or more servings of dark green and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. This green drink actually tasted good and helps your body attain a less acid and more basic environment. One month supply.

 bullet  Price: $49.95

bullet  Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg

Lipoic acid seems to protect against stroke and heart disease, two of the leading causes of death in the Western world. It also boosts levels of glutathione and makes Vitamin E far more effective. It has been used as a treatment for diabetes in Europe for over 30 years because of its antioxidant properties. 3 month supply.

 bullet  Price: $19.50

bullet  Vitamin D, K Caratenoid Iodotyrosine Complex

Each tablet is the perfect blend of 2500 mg Vitamin D along with Vitamin A, K and Iodine. This blend is put together to allow your body to facilitate proper bone mineralization as well as helping immune system function. These important nutrients are well researched and essential during the aging process. 60 tablets.

 bullet  Price: $11.99

bullet  PrimaCal

PrimaCal provides the nutritional factors for maintaining and building the strength and integrity of bone structures. It has been tested for over 20 years as an alternative for age related bone degeneration. Its effectiveness is unsurpassed. 6 tablets yields the RDA of 1800 mg for women. One month supply.

 bullet  Price: $19.99

bullet   For more on the benefits of nutritional supplements, visit Dr. Tim's Newsletters, Regenerative Nutrition and Antioxidants

Wellness Store Analgesic Applications

bullet  Golden Tiger Ointment

Golden Tiger's pain relief and healing properties make it a favorite in our office. Muscle aches and joint pains seem to melt away ffortlessly from the all natural therapeutic ingredients found in this amazing cream. This product contains natural aloe, arnica, white willow bark, green tea extract, capsaicin, ginger root extract and rose water combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of MSM and boswellia extract to free you of the aches and pains found everyday in life. A favorite in our office. Apply to the affected area as needed.

 bullet  Price: $15.00

bullet  Golden Tiger Roll On

This product contains the same natural aloe, arnica, white willow bark, green tea extract, capsaicin, ginger root extract and rose waterfound in the Golden Tiger Ointment. It also has the anti-inflammatory properties of MSM and boswellia extract to free you of the aches and pains found everyday in life. Apply to the affected area as needed and make the pain go away.

 bullet  Price: $15.00

bullet  Po Sum On

Po Sum On is made from a special blend of Peppermint oil, Dragon blood, the resin from Daemonorops draco, Cinnamon oil, and Chinese camellia oil. It is used for more chronic types of painful joints and muscles. It is also great for headaches or the chest tightness associated with coughs and colds. Apply it topically to the affected area. For external use only.

 bullet  Price: $19.99

bullet  White Flower Oil

White Flower Oil is used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, bruises and strains. It is also good for headaches minor pains and those painful knots in the muscles known as trigger points. It is made from wintergreen, menthol, camphor, eucaplytus, peppermint and lavender.

 bullet  Price: $13.99

bullet  Spring Wind Herbal Muscle and Joint Rub

This is a great product for that offers a penetrating lotion containing powerful traditional herbs to bring relief to aching, painful joints and muscles. Apply this non-greasy lotion on arthritic joints, joint sprains, stiff necks, or sore, tired muscles. We find that it is particularly effective on newer injuries or aggravation of chronic problems. It contains rhubarb, safflower, myrrh, arisaema, persica, mastic, tangkuei, pinellia, tumeric and camphor.

 bullet  Price: $18.99

bullet  Traumeel Homeopathic Ointment

This anti-inflammatory ointment is excellent for bruises, sprains and strains due to acute trauma, overuse and repetitive injuries. Safe and effective for sports injuires, arthritis pain, inflammation and back aches. Physicians have been recommending Traumeel for over 30 years as a prescription free alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Apply over affected area as indicated.

 bullet  Price: $16.50

bullet  Traumeel Oral Homeopathic Medicine

This oral homeopathic medicine is excellent for bruises, sprains and strains due to acute trauma, overuse and repetitive injuries. Traumeel is backed by 30 years of worldwide use and proven in numereous clinical studies. Take sub-lingually as directed.

 bullet  Price: $18.99

bullet  Zeel Homeopathic Ointment

Zeel homeopathic ointment is particularly effective in relieving symptoms of mild to moderate osteoarthritis. It helps to lessen pain and stiffness while improving the functioning of joints and cartilage. There are no known interactions with other medications and it is safe and effective as well as non-habit forming. Use the ointment topically 3 times daily.

 bullet  Price: 21.99

bullet  Zeel Oral Homeopathic Medicine

Zeel tablets are proven safe and effective for mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain and joint stiffness. It is non habit-forming of addictive. A combination of 15 natural ingredients that work together to provide relief of symptomsand support healthy function of connective tissue. Take sub-lingually as directed.

 bullet  Price: $19.99

bullet  Biofreeze Spray

This is the same great preparation as the roll on variety of Biofreeze. It too relieves pain that is related to sports injuries, arthritis sore muscles, joints, sprains and backaches. The Ilex base used in both types comes from a South American herb extracted from the holly shrub that’s traditionally used by the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their medicines.

 bullet  Price: $12.99

bullet  Biofreeze Roll On

We use biofreeze in our office to relieve pain in sports injuries, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains and backache. Biofreeze products are the most widely-used and confidently- recommended topical analgesic by hands-on health professionals for over 15 years. The natural Ilex base allows Biofreeze to be absorbed quickly for fast, deep penetrating pain relief.

 bullet  Price: $12.99

bullet  Sombra

Sombra pain relieving gel is used to help relieve arthritis, sports injuries and everyday muscle aches. Used as a topical analgesic it contains camphor and menthol and is a very effective pain relieving product. Sombra is used by medical facilities, Chiropractors, MD's, Physical Therapist, and many other health professionals to help relieve their patients pain. Apply as needed to the affected area.

 bullet  Price: $15.99


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